Viagens | GPS-Trace


On the Trips tab (1) (or Unit Menu (2) - Trips), you can see all the trips (3) and stops (4) of the unit for the selected day (5). If the desired day for which you want to view trips is not in the bar, you can select it in the calendar (6).

You can play the trip on the map (7) at an accelerated speed.

Each trip is presented in the form of slides:

1. Slide with mini display of the trip on the map;

2. Slide with trip timeline and trip summary (mileage, duration, maximum and average speed);

3. Slide with an score of the trip and a mini-chart of the speed intervals on the basis of which the score was determined (click on the mini-chart to expand it);

4. Slide with an average speed based on the device data and a mini-chart of speed (click on the mini-chart to expand it);

On slides 1, 3 and 4, you can also see information about the trip start time and the address of the trip end in the upper part.

Slides can be flipped right and left in a circle.

Where the slides have the address of the trip beginning or end, you can click on it, then the address will appear in expanded form and you will be able to copy it in the web version of the application or share it in the mobile version of the application.

On the stop card, you can see the stop start time, stop address, duration and stop end time.

For an unfinished trip or stop the icon is highlighted with a color of yellow.