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Jenis notifikasi

In the free version of the application, notifications enabled for units appear in the application on the appropriate tab. Also push notifications are also received if this setting is enabled for your device (smartphone or tablet).

Additional features are available in the premium version.

So on the Notifications tab (1) - Types of notifications (2), you can configure sending notifications via:

- Telegram;

- email;

- web-hooks.

Here you can also choose which notifications and where to send. For example, you can send alarm notifications as a push notifications, and can send notifications about the beginning and end of the trip to Telegram.

So for all methods of sending notifications in the premium version, you can:

- enable / disable sending notifications in this way (3);

- for the enabled method, choose to send all notifications (4) in this way or only some of them (5): all notifications can come in all these ways at the same time.

All these options also apply to push notifications.

To set up sending notifications to Telegram, please use the following instruction.

To configure sending webhooks, you need to specify the url.

Email notifications will be sent to the address associated with your account.