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Getting Started

GPS Trace in 5 minutes

1.Registration and login

Firstly you need to register your GPS Trace account. You can do it the main page of the website via email, Facebook or Google.
When the account is validated, you can log in to the software clicking the Go to App button in the upper right corner of any page of gps-trace.com


2. Creating a unit

After login, create a new unit and connect it to your tracking device. To do it, click the New Unit button in the upper right corner of the Units tab, enter the unit name, choose the device type and specify the unit ID. Then click Ok.

Creating a new unit

When the unit is created, you will get the server IP and port number you should point your tracker to. As soon as your tracker is pointed to the appropriate IP and port, your device will come online and appear on the map immediately. 

Unit is online

3. Building tracks

When your tracker goes online and sends at least 2 messages, you can build a track to check the unit’s movements on the map.  In order to build a track, choose your unit in the Units tab, and go to the Tracks tab. By default, GPS Trace automatically builds a track for the period of 1 day. You can change this period using the Filter menu.


4. Creating a geofence

To build a geofence, switch to the Geofences tab and click the New geofence button.
Then choose the geofence type (rectangle or circle), draw it on the map and name it. Click Save to save the result.


5. Notifications 

Using notifications you can get notified when a unit starts and finishes trips, enters or leaves geofences, violates speed limits, and sends an SOS signal. All notifications are enabled by default. You can change notification settings in Units tab -> Your Unit -> Notifications.


6. Triggered notifications

When a notification is triggered, it is displayed in the form of a pop-up window and a mobile push notification. 

Triggered notification

All the executed notifications are stored in the Triggered notifications menu in the upper right corner of the screen.  Here you can see all the newly executed notifications, mark them as read, and see the history of triggered notifications.

Notifications menu

7. Sharing location

In order to share the online location of your unit, go to the Location sharing menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Then choose the unit which location you want to share, set the link TTL (time to live) and create a link. Then you can copy the link and send it to the person you want to share your location with. 

Location sharing