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Security and safety of your vehicle


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  • Online Tracking

    Real-time tracking

    You know what’s happening to your car or bike immediately.

  • Geofencing and tracks

    Geofencing and tracks

    Add here geofences to restrict the area of the movements – whenever your car or dog leaves it, you’ll be notified.

  • Smart Alerts Screenshot App

    Smart Alerts

    You can’t fix eyes on the screen forever. And you don’t need to. If there’s something urgent you should know, the system will inform you via email or pop-up notifications.

  • Mobile App Screenshot App

    Mobile app

    If it’s urgent – save time on opening your laptop. A smartphone will serve you as well. We developed a native app for iOS and Android featuring all functions of the platform lodging in your pocket.

  • Screenshot App

    Seamless connection

    The platform is hardware-agnostic, so you can choose from a variety of trackers from your nearest electronics market. And it gets better. The system offers a simple and handy configuration tool for you to connect the tracker to the system in minutes.

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