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mark your favorite places and create specific areas on the map to get useful notifications
Visual tracks
GPS-Trace keeps history of you tracks for 30 days, so any moment you can see it on the map
Online multitracking
you can track up to 5 units on one account
Live sharing
share your tracks and locations with friends or let them track your movements online
Various maps
GPS-Trace works with most popular types of maps

How it works

  • This is about a real-time satellite-based tracking service. Satellites are used to define the position.
  • Trackers capture signal from satellites (GPS/Glonass) and send the position by the mean of GPRS to the server (Datacenter).
  • This is GPS-Trace Datacenter. It acquires data from devices like trackers and smartphones and stores it.
  • Here it is. Just sign in and click "Go to tracking" and enjoy watching the true history of units tracked and use it for your personal purposes wherever you want for free.
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GPS-Trace supports 600+ GPS device types
You may use your smartphone or any personal GPS-tracker and vehicle controller.

User reviews

  • We use since the first beginning (i think it was 2010 or so). It is easy to configure, easy to understand and in my eyes the best gps tracking plattform which is available. We already upgraded to Wialon Hosting by Gurtam (which is the product behind) and running a lot of objects with it.

    We compared it with all existing solutions and have found nothing better. Uptime with more than 99.9%, hosted in Western Europe, always enhanced by new functions and new supported hardware we are happy to use it even for commercial and professional services.

    Wolfgang Busch
  • I just needed 5 Minutes to keep my GPS Tracker working. I found the corresponding IP address and port at the Website of (under Hardware) and entered it by SMS into my GPS Tracker. Than i clicked to "create" and add the IMEI of the unit into the right field. Thats it. Free 10 Notifications per day and even Free Geofences are available for everyone.
    And if you need more than one unit you even can add a second account or upgrade to the payed Wialon Hosting from Gurtam

  • GPS-Trace just helped me to track my grandma without hazzle. I looked at the amazing supported hardware list, chooses a GT60 Device from Ebay (75USD), created my account and after reading the manual of the GT60 i sender 2 SMS to the portable GPS tracker, set ID in GPS-Trace, made a Geofence at the house of my grandma and now i receive always a message by email to my smartphone when she leaves the home...
    Once we found her in the night by the GPS-Trace system when she was walking lonely outside just by checking the mobile website of GPS-Trace