Teltonika FM1100

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Supported capabilities:

  • ADC sensors
  • Digital sensors
  • Communication via TCP
  • Blackbox
  • Communication via UDP
  • Built-in odometer
  • Remote management via SMS
  • SMS sending of data
  • iButton support

Please, use the next IP/port in order to connect this device to our GPS tracking system

Server IP:
Server port: 20412

To make the platform identify data from your device please put the next information in the appropriate fields while creating an unit in the system:

Unique ID: imei
Phone number: Phone number of device's SIM card in the international format, starting from '+'

You can also download an example of unit configuration file for Teltonika FM1100 to be used in Wialon GPS tracking software. When creating a unit, import this configuration file by selecting "Import from File" option. This way you will create a pre-configured unit with some sensors. Do not forget to specify the unique Id of your device.

Instruction on configuring Teltonika FM1100 via TCP.

I/O elements are additional source of information and are registered together with GPS data.