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Supported capabilities:

  • ADC sensors
  • Digital sensors
  • Communication via TCP
  • Blackbox
  • Built-in odometer
  • Remote management via GPRS
  • Remote management via SMS
  • SMS sending of data
  • GLONASS support

Please, use the next IP/port in order to connect this device to our GPS tracking system

Server IP:
Server port: 20701

To make the platform identify data from your device please put the next information in the appropriate fields while creating an unit in the system:

Unique ID: imei
Phone number: Phone number of device's SIM card in the international format, starting from '+'

You can also download an example of object configuration file for ADM100 to be used in Wialon GPS tracking software. When creating an object, import this configuration file by selecting "Import from File" option. This way you will create a pre-configured object with some sensors. Do not forget to specify the unique ID of Your device.

The device allows to upload tachograph files. To request a file you must create a "custom_msg" command and send text "TACHOGETDDD N", where N is the number of a slot in a tachograph.