Free GPS Tracking System - GPS-Trace Orange

GPS-Trace Orange - is the most popular free personal GPS tracking service. If you are curious to see yourself on the map; to share your travel routes with friends; to know where your children, parents or relatives are; to track the movement of your vehicle via the Internet - it's all possible with our free GPS tracking service.

GPS-Trace Orange tracking system works with GPS satellites and GPRS data transfer protocol. In order to start using GPS-Trace Orange you need to complete the free registration form and connect your GPS tracker to our GPS tracking server. This will allow GPS-Trace Orange server to receive information about your current location and show it on the map.

GPS-Trace Orange uses Wialon, one of the most popular professional GPS tracking software, developed by Gurtam. But, unlike many other similar vehicle tracking systems, use of GPS-trace is completely free. And functionality of our system exceeds most of fee-based GPS tracking services.

Complete list of features of GPS-Trace Orange personal tracking software you can find on the Features page.