GPS - Global Positioning System, developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. Nowadays, GPS technology is used in navigation, cartography, cellular telephony, GPS vehicle tracking and so on. GPS tracking service is a simple, convenient and, at the same time, secure system for monitoring of any moving objects.

GPS-Trace Orange is a free real-time GPS tracking service. All you need is a GPS tracker or a mobile phone with GPS receiver.

With GPS-Trace Orange you will be able to:

  • See current location of your vehicle the map
  • Keep 30-day history of your tracks
  • Share your location with your friends, colleagues and family
  • Publish your current location map on your website or blog
  • Create your own POI on the map, add photos to it
  • Monitor in-real time where your relatives: children, grandparents, as well as your close friends are now
  • Stay informed where your pets are
  • Create geofences on the map and monitor them
  • Receive SMS notifications and e-mail reports

In order to start using free GPS tracking service GPS-Trace Orange please get registered.

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